What Did We Do?

Dennis and Jenny Hacker's Sojourns in Africa

About Dennis

I’m a retired Veterinary Ophthalmologist and am currently a bonsai artist. I practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area in California following my residency in Veterinary Ophthalmology. Prior to my residency, I practiced in Illinois and Virginia.


BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Missouri in 1969

A 5-year sojourn with the United States Marine Corps as a pilot and flight instructor from 1969-1974

DVM degree from the University of Missouri in 1978

I practiced in Illinois and Virginia from 1978-1983

I completed a residency in Veterinary Ophthalmology at the University of California-Davis 1983-1986

Veterinary ophthalmologist in private practice 1986-2015

​Bonsai artist from 2007-present


Working on trees at this point in my life is my dream.



Why this blog? Well, that’s a long story and one that I hope will unfold during this upcoming trip. I must say that I’m left-brained, tending to be quite detail oriented in my take on things. To get another view, from my right-brained wife, go to Jenny’s blog.

If you enjoy my blog, tell your friends and colleagues and get them interested. If you don’t like it, sorry, just don’t read it. Thanks!

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