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Dennis and Jenny Hacker's Sojourns in Africa


October 6, 2019

Looking at the people walking along the MULTILANE highway, MULTILANE in each direction, I wonder at the people walking across 6 lanes of traffic, wearing dark clothes on a road with little or no lighting at night. It is amazing that more don’t get hit or killed as pedestrians. Every night in Cape Town several are killed.


People all over will hopefully awaken to the fact that a 2 liter bottle of soft drink and a loaf of bread does not a sustaining meal make. Alas, it’s all they can afford when they make R20 ($1.30 USD) per hour at most. Even ads on the tele here show a family eating a meal of  bread and soft drink!!!! Education here is great in the big cities white schools yet, in the settlements and townships, very little education occurs. As in most “developed” countries, obesity and metabolic diseases are rampant here and people don’t know much about a healthy diet. In one of the pharmacies here, as one snakes to the checkout counter one passes through a gauntlet which touts that a discount can be had having a “full” meal: a bag of crisps (potato chips), a soft drink and a candy bar for dessert! OMG!

One stop shop

I didn’t know where else to put this but it is intriguing. This covers everything.

The hunt is on!

I want to see the “little 5”. These are similarly named species as that of the “Big 5”. There is the ant lion, buffalo weaver bird, the elephant shrew, leopard tortoise and rhinoceros beetle. I’ve seen the first 3 of those and now I’m set to find the last two. Hiring a car for a couple days, we drove to the West Coast National Park where I was assured that I’d see a leopard tortoise. We drove quite a way to get to the park and when we arrived the girl at the gate said that yes, they had tons of tortoises. When I again queried about leopard tortoises, I was assured they were there. NOT SO! They have angulate tortoises and parrot beaked tortoises. Bummer!

I now have made plans to go to a large game reserve in the Eastern Cape . Leopard tortoises don’t live in the Western Cape at all. Their territory goes from Sudan down the eastern coast of Africa to the Eastern Cape. Then their territory misses the entire Western Cape and then goes north to Botswanna and Namibia to Angola and then east to the Sudan. Alas, my bucket list grows longer.

Dylan Lewis

Jen and I wanted to go to Stellenbosch to visit the Dylan Lewis sculpture garden when we were here inn 2017-18. He is a national treasure in South Africa. As a former game ranger in his youth, he sketched animals when he was out and about in the bushveld. Then he had a career change. We had seen a few of his sculptures at the Delaire Graff winery and other tony places. Walking through the gardens were AMAZING! You could see that a lot of thought was put into every bush, tree and shrub. Below are just a few of the amazing sculptures in situ.

Cheetah on a tree


Pair of Cheetahs

Jenny loves big cats

This is my favorite: a leopard going after a Thompson’s gazelle


If you’ve never watched it, rugby is huge here. The Springboks (South Africa’s team) is in the Rugby World Cup. There next game is on Tuesday morning here (1145). Check it out. A really exciting sport. Much better than American football.

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