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August 4, 2019 | Unfortunately, life as we know it.


Hello Ground!

Aging. It isn’t for sissies as Art Linkletter once said. I’m finding that I have a recent penchant for finding the ground, and not in a good way.

We went to a lovely wine taste at Avontuur (Afrikaner for Adventure) Wine Estate last week. Really great wines, and the dinner was superb as well. After a bit of time, nature called and I told Jen I was going to the loo. It was a chilly night so everyone was wearing a fairly heavy coat. Our leader was sitting to my right and, as so many of us do, just pulled his coat off and let the arms dangle so that his coat was inside-out. After pushing my chair back, I stood and turned to my right to go. Unfortunately, my right foot got into the inside of his left sleeve. As I continued to turn to my right, I found the floor coming up to meet me, quickly!

As I lay on the floor, I took a few seconds to make sure everything was okay. I had fallen on my right side-the side which had had a hip revision (not replacement) 6 months ago. I banged up my knee enough to get some swelling in the back side of the joint. My hip sustained a deep bruise, that’s all. I feel relieved, but it still hurt.

That being said, my knee is still problematic 9 days later. When I sit for a while, especially in a car, I have a hard time straightening it out. Natalie, our physical therapist, and my massage therapist, Dean, have assured me that it will take time, but I will get better.

And I was until this Thursday. I walked to Wellness Warehouse for some food stuffs. Walking home I stopped at a local liquor store for some pink tonic water. I was only a block from our flat and I was in a great mood. I got everything done I needed to do. As I walked to the traffic light to cross instead of the crossing in the middle of the block, the sidewalk did a steep “pitch up”. I again met the ground but this time on the left side. I trashed a pair of cargo pants; the legs only thank heaven. I have road rash on my left knee and forearm. Ice and Tylenol and I’m better Friday. We were planning on going to the Cape Town Castle Friday, but not so after my fall.

I am not blaming anyone but myself. Having said that, Jenny has told me repeatedly to “get your head up” and don’t look down when I walk. Well, no longer. The sidewalks here in Cape Town are horrible. Sunken areas up to 3-4 inches and bricks sticking up. Add to that the sudden pitch up or down and it is a sure thing for a fall.

I hope that this isn’t a harbinger of things to come. For a small victory, I didn’t fall Friday, Saturday or today!

But seriously, is this what I and those of us that are over 60 have to look “forward” to? If I’d been lollygagging or gawking at buildings or looking around, not watching where I was going, I would say okay. Although I didn’t deserve it, it could have been expected. I really believe these were just accidents, but accidents are number 3 of the top 10 killers of the elderly in the US. Whether or not I want to accept it, at almost 73, I’m elderly.

Jenny got a new hair style which I really love.


Yesterday, Saturday, we went to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market (OCFM) for brunch and our fresh produce. Following that, we went to the Hope Gin distillery in the Woodstock neighborhood. We tasted 4 different gins and they were really great. The fourth gin was a reserve made of citrus. Amazing.

We rode to the distillery with Timoth. He and his wife, Rachel, were home from Zim following a memorial for his  aunt who died a couple weeks ago. They got to see their children for the first time since last October. Timoth begins his last year of law school this October.

Awaking this morning we find that yet another crazy person has shot up a Wal Mart in Texas and killed at least 20 people and wounded over 25 more. He drove abbout 600 miles to do this. HOW long will our legislators allow tens of thousands of people a year to be killed by people? HOW long will OUR legislators remain in the pockets of the NRA?

People in the States have asked me about being afraid here with all the killings in South Africa. No! The Republic of South Africa has 1/6 the population of the US, the death by guns here is 1/10 the number for the USA. Where ARE we better off? Maybe, as the NRA suggests, all those illegal aliens should be armed. There could have been an OK Corral-type of situation. The police could have come in with everyone in Wal Mart shooting like crazy. Is that what the loony white fringe wants? All the aliens armed? Maybe that thought would wake up these wack jobs.

In Cape Town a year ago in 2018, Day ZERO, when the reservoirs were to run dry, was quickly approaching. People were panicking. Well, WHITE people were panicked. They might have to carry water for drinking and bathing. People of color here have been toting water FOREVER and never complained. Only when whites were told THEY’D have to carry water did things become serious. I think it’s the same in the US with guns. Do all these people want aliens to be armed? No, of course not. They might fight back against the lunatic whites.

Sorry for the rant. Hope everyone is safe. Peace out! Keep the rubber-side down.

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